Palmer & Associates is one of the leading providers of legal and professional services in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area. Our local corporation is competitive with an alliance of qualified staff process servers to serve your papers at or below the standard rate. 


Our company is a full legal support services firm, performing in a wide variety of assignments throughout the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area. Palmer & Associates will provide you with complete Service of Process, Legal Support Services, Court Document Retrieval, Skip Tracing services, and much more.

Our company provides legal service to the area’s leading law firms, corporations, and organizations, as well as small businesses and pro se litigants. We cater to the needs and concerns of every client. The strength of our skilled and seasoned team is positioned within our substantial knowledge and investigative techniques, our attention to detail, and our ability to achieve results. Our goal is to help make each aspect of legal process service efficient.

Call Us Today at (470) 509-5025 for fast and professional service!

Kenneth Goggins, GA Operations Manager

Palmer & Associates is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Alita is very thorough in her work and turns out an excellent product. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking her services.”

Client Testimonials

Sade Creighton, CEO

"Small business owners deal with so many unforeseen issues, it's important to have a trusted legal advisor.  But many of us get lost in the chaos of a larger firm.  Alita Palmer provides the kind of service many small business owners only dream about - it's personalized, it's honest, and it's results-oriented.  I'd recommend Alita to any entrepreneur!"

Ajanai Green, Paralegal

"Palmer & Associates provides the exact type of fine service that any lawyer would want in a process server. Alita is knowledgeable, efficient, accurate, dependable and most of all, responsive to all types of pertinent questions when quick answers are needed-even after hours. I am happy to recommend her company to my colleagues."

Contact Us

Palmer & Associates, LLC has court appointments in Cobb State, Cobb Superior, Dekalb Superior, Fulton Magistrate, Fulton Superior, Gwinnett State, Gwinnett Magistrate Henry State, and Henry SuperiorCourts.

In all other courts, we will prepare the documents necessary to obtain Special Appointment.


Phone: (470) 509-5025

Email: info@palmerlegalassociates.com

Website: www.palmerlegalassocates.com

*Palmer & Associates does not give legal advice

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