Corporate Services


Registered Agent Service

Rates as Low as $75/Year with Multi-Year Service

The state of Georgia requires LLCs and corporations filed in Georgia to have a Registered Agent.


Your Georgia Registered Agent designated on public record to accept legal documents (service of process) and notifications from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office on behalf of the corporate entity. 


Business Formation

It takes more than simply having a good idea to successfully establish and grow a new commercial venture. While a marketable idea is a good start, most successful entrepreneurial endeavors are only accomplished through significant research and planning. Prudent entrepreneurs not only consider their current needs but also extrapolate into the future based on their goals, their market niche, and market conditions. While not every factor is foreseeable, many potential pitfalls can be avoided or mitigated through careful business and legal planning.

Basic Business Packages Starting at $250!!

Our assistance during business formation can be especially helpful, as the decisions you make on startup can affect your business for years and decades to come. We will work closely with you, to identify your goals and concerns.

Set up corporate structures

 obtaining an EIN,

creating a website,

implementing marketing campaigns, 

Together, we will consider important questions in regard to the formation of your business:

  • What is the purpose of your business?

  • How will this business serve the community?

  • What product are you trying to sell?

  • Are you going to have business partners?

  • If so, who are they?

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