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Legal Support Services

Lawyer Sitting At Desk

As paralegals are precluded from telling individuals what to do, we can only provide them with published sources that have the capacity to answer most legal questions. We only accept cases where the client and our staff work collectively as a team.


  • Legal Document Assistant

  • Small Claims Services

  • Legally Ending a Marriage or Domestic Partnership

  • Eviction Proceedings

  • Criminal Record Expungement

  • Corporate Formation

  • Court Document Filing and Document Retrieval

  • Self Help Resources

Please be advised

Palmer & Associates is neither a law firm nor an attorney. Within this site, we provides resource links directing you to procedural information and forms that have been made available to you by government agencies. The intent is to provide you with self-help resources that have relevance to your legal matter.

Paralegal Support

We offer our clients extensive resources to help them better understand unfamiliar legal matters thow they are expected to navigate them. 

We help you every step of the way, step-by-step, keeping track of when paperwork needs to be filed, and we file it for you, so that your case will NOT get dismissed by the courts. In other words, we not only provide the forms, but we also provide the service! 


Client Intake

Are some of your potential clients unable to come to your office for their initial consultations? Does your busy schedule make it difficult to sit and visit with them? We can help by conducting an initial interview at the client’s home, hospital or doctor’s office. Join other successful personal injury law firms in Atlanta that are saving time and money using our professional staff for client intake field interviews!

Join other successful personal injury firms that are saving time and money using our professional staff for client intake field interviews!


  • Professional staff to conduct the interview

  • Personal visit to the client’s home, business, hospital or clinic.

  • Gather all information you request from the client such as personal profile, police and accident reports, hospital information, photos, etc.

  • Obtain all necessary releases

  • Obtain executed retainer agreement


  • Obtain more clients in a shorter period of time

  • Saves on otherwise billable firm time and money

  • Our professionalism and experience allows us to become an “extension” of your staff

  • Completed documents are organized neatly and delivered back to your firm

  • A great compliment to ALC’s other services

Witness Interviews &
Recorded Testimony's


Strengthen your case and turn witnesses into assets. We find and interview your witnesses, capturing their statements in notarized affidavit form and help determine their testimonial value for trial or deposition. 


With finesse and an emphasis on empathy, we do everything possible in accordance with your legal strategy to obtain the truth and make them available for later testimony.

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